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Mind = BLOWN!


Since I got started just a couple of weeks ago with this whole blogging thing, I’ve been more and more investigating what kinds of resources and materials I can find on the internet in order to aid and improve my practice and my knowledge. And it’s incredible.

The sheer number of tools out there to help people of every race, class, background, and education learn and do almost anything you can think of is staggering. Website after website after blog after video after radio show wants to help someone do something better, whether that be build a complex piece of equipment or simply stimulate the thinking processes.

I’d like to just mention a couple that are near and dear to my heart. First of all, if you’re on WordPress, or even just vaguely familiar with it, check out the ‘Freshly Pressed’ section of the website and just look for ‘Tags’ that interest you. So many blogs are out there, and so many of them differ from your own knowledge and experience.

Second, if you haven’t heard of TED, please check it out right now at

Check this site out... it might just inspire you!

I won’t bore you with the corporate details, but these talks are given by some of the best minds in their respective fields, and almost all of them are pitching new, exciting, and fascinating developments or ways of thinking about the world we live in. These people will try to prepare you for the future, and they won’t entirely succeed, but we owe it to ourselves and to our children (yes, yes, pretentious statement, I don’t have children of my own yet, blah, blah, blah – I’m making a point, hush your mouth) to give it a go.

With the sheer number of places dedicated to making us better, more intelligent people, no one’s excuse in today’s world should be ‘but no one ever tried to tell me _________’. Go our there: do yourself and everyone around you a favour and learn something, anything. You might even enjoy it!



  1. kayymm says:

    I can not speak highly enough about TED. One of my goals is to attend one of the conferences one day!

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