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Sound Familiar?


Eerie similarities between Kindergarten students and secondary school students:

1. They will insist on ‘He/She did it first!’ as an excuse for any sort of misbehaviour.

2. Problems sharing with others, particularly in group work situations.

3. “I forgot” is apparently valid for any sort of lapse.

4. “That’s not fair” should apparently earn you special dispensation.

5. “Is it lunch/home time yet?” is code for: “I’m bored and don’t what to do whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing right now.”

6. “You didn’t tell us that!” “Were you listening?” “…maybe.”

7. “Can I have a pencil?” Substitute any sort of necessity for whatever class/project currently being worked on.

And of course, the classic embarrassment:

8. “Mom/Dad? – UH, I MEAN, TEACHER.”


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