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The Month of Crazy


December. Oh, December.

As a music educator and sometime musician myself, December is packed, each and every year. Whether it’s the Christmas concert for the students or the local band/orchestra, or even all of the community theatre that pops up, December is a killer.

How do I deal with this? Well, mostly by conserving laziness.

I’m a person who does things very much all-out. I go and go and go when I’m at work. This means that when I get home, I generally crash quite a bit. Whether it’s with a book or a TV show I like or a video game, I hoard my lazy days like a treasure vault and dole them out to myself one small weekend chunk at a time.

Right now on the go (and for the past month, basically), I’ve had:

1. Report cards

2. Parent-Teacher Interviews

3. A local theatrical company’s musical production

4. Beginner band start-up

5. Preparing a Christmas concert

6. Starting the fund-raising for my band program

As such, I really treasure the times when I get time to withdraw into my own little world and not have to deal with a lot of details or people with requests or problems to be dealt with. I see the amount of time that I need to take to balance out my life, and then I look at those master teachers and great people that I look up to for inspiration…

Time after time I see people who simply keep going regardless of how much rest they have at this time of year. I really wonder how much truth there is in the adage that they are like ducks: “calm on top, but paddling like crazy underneath”. Every time I ask them what they’re doing, it seems like I learn another trick for dealing with the multiple levels of busy-ness that our modern society seems perfectly adapted to throwing at anyone and everything.

I think I may have a few years to go before I actually am as adapted as I want to be to this month of December.

But, only 24 days until Christmas!


P.S. Let me know what everyone thinks of the new layout! I’m trying to make it more user-friendly after a couple of months of fiddling and turn it into something closer to a real website.


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