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Motivational Magic – this blog is especially good for people who are finding themselves challenged in some way. A bunch of great quotes and suggestions for resources.
Mae Mai – a really thought provoking blog I’ve mentioned a few times in my posts. Fascinating digressions on Eastern musical traditions, Klingon opera, the decline of European art music ensembles, and pretty much anything musical you could ask for.
Mr. Clemons’ Music – offbeat reviews and coverage of all sorts of styles, genres, and forms of music. Great Youtube videos, analysis of classical sonatas, and more!
The Ed Buzz – a really great look at the difficulties facing our current system of education through the eyes of an American public schools superintendent. All of the posts and thoughts are great reading for the teacher from any system.
contributingeducation – another blog I contribute to, this project aims to bring together teachers in a collaborative blogging session so that we can all be reassured that everyone has struggles and together we can avoid them being disasters!
I’ve become my parents – for anyone who teaches, looks after, or has children of their own, this is hilarious. An often tongue-in-cheek portrayal of life with kids, from department store shopping tantrums to boys discovering girls aren’t icky after all, a great read!
As always, if there’s anything I should be checking out and adding to the list, let me know!

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