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I started in music before I can even remember. Choirs, bands, and musical theatre were the norm for me all through elementary and secondary school. Early in my high school life, I realized that I didn’t want to spend my time attempting to make it big as a professional musician. What I loved just as much as the music was seeing someone else get it. You all know what I mean: that lightbulb moment when whatever is going on just clicks and suddenly, understanding lights up everything.

Wait, that’s not the author, is it?

The feeling has stayed with me through all of my secondary and post-secondary education. Seeing a beginner in the grade 6 band class suddenly realize they can play that idiotic ‘Hot Cross Buns’ song is just as satisfying as listening to the Berlin Philharmonic knock Beethoven’s Fifth out of the park.

This blog is an extension of my love, and frankly, need to experience the world of music and education in as many profuse and various ways as possible (you see what I did there?).

As of 2013, I live in Canada with my wife (who also teaches, incidentally) and keep plugging away searching for my dream job to teach middle and high school band. Along the way, I keep busy with musical theatre, community ensembles, what gigs I can find, reading the classics, and strategy games.

Hopefully you will enjoy along with me!


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